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Modbus Organization

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HMS Industrial Networks AB

Anybus X Gateway - Modbus-TCP to J1939, AB7665

Type:  Network Gateway
Description:  This Anybus X-gateway provides connectivity between ModbusTCP and a J1939 Heavy Duty vehicle (CAN) network. The X-gateway appears as a ModbusTCP slave/server allowing a ModbusTCP master/client to read or write data from the J1939 network. HMS provides the X-gateway with a Windows-based configuration tool (BWConfig). This PC-based software allows users to map J1939 parameter (PGN) data into a range of memory addressable through the X-gateway ModbusTCP interface. Configuration of the X-gateway is simple using BWConfig and consists of setting up an I/O table containing selected J1939 PGNs and the rate that each will be read to or written from the J1939 network. BWConfig then automatically maps the I/O table to a range of addresses accessible from the X-gateway ModbusTCP interface. The configuration is downloaded from the PC to the X-gateway on an RS232 connection and is saved in FLASH memory.
Connectivity:  Modbus TCP/IP
Features:  Wide power supply range (12-30 VDC); Configuration with a Windows-based PC software tool (BWConfig); Supports FLASH field upgrades; Transmission and reception of all types of J1939 messages, including PDU1, PDU2, broadcast and destination specific; J1939 Transport Protocol for transmission and reception of large messages (9 - 1785 bytes). Both connection- based (RTS/CTS) and broadcast (BAM) are supported; ModbusTCP 10/100 Mbit full duplex operation.
Specifications:  Rugged aluminium housing; DIN-rail mountable - PE via DIN-rail; EMC Certification; CE marked, UL, cUL, Haz .Loc and ATEX certification; Tested and verified for Fieldbus/Ethernet conformance