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Byres Security Inc.

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P.O. Box 178, #5 - 7217 Lantzville Rd
Lantzville, BC V0R 2H0 CANADA

Phone: +1 250-390-1333
Fax: +1 250-390-3899
Web Site:


Byres Security Inc. provides practical and effective industrial network security and SCADA security products that are simple to implement and that do not require plant shutdowns. Its flagship product, the Tofino Industrial Security Solution, is a unique hardware and software security system that facilitates the implementation of Plug-n-Protect(TM) zones of security for equipment with common safety requirements Zone Level Security(TM)). Tofino is used by the process control, SCADA, manufacturing and automation industries.

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Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
Tofino(TM) Enforcer for Modbus TCP, 9211-ET and 9520-MBT
Monitoring HardwareModbus TCPTofino provides advanced security services tailored specifically to the requirements of control networks. Tofino may be installed in front of critical PLCs, RTUs and other devices without any pre-configuration or requirment to change the architecture or addressing of an existing control network. Using the Tofino Central Management Platform software, the control systems engineer can edit and test firewall rules that specify which devices in the network are allowed to communicate with each other, and what protocols they may use. Any traffic that does not match these rules is blocked and reported to the Tofino Central Management Platform. The optional Tofino Enforcer for Modbus allows you to specify which Modbus function codes and register addresses may be accessed on each protected Modbus server, providing advanced security for critical Modbus devices.

News items about this company:

Belden Assists Schneider Electric to Secure Critical Industrial Automation Systems
The 2012 release of the ConneXium Tofino Firewall included DPI for the Modbus TCP protocol. This year, the capability has been expanded to include DPI for the EtherNet/IP protocol. This includes special functionality for EtherNet/IP communications.
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Tofino Undergoes Advanced Cyber Security Testing Performed by Digital Bond
Belden today announced vulnerability testing results of the Tofino Security Appliance, a product of Tofino Security, a Belden Brand. Presented at the S4 conference, Digital Bond's findings revealed that the industry's known sophisticated cyberattacks could not compromise the Tofino firewall.Testing also included attacks on Modbus, the world's leading industrial protocol.
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Belden Helps Schneider Electric Secure Critical Industrial Infrastructure
The core of the new product line is the ConneXium Tofino Firewall. Hacking attempts, deliberately corrupted messages and even network traffic storms are stopped dead by the ConneXium Tofino Firewall. The Modbus protocol is further secured using the Deep Packet Inspection capabilities provided by the ConneXium Tofino Modbus TCP Enforcer module.
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Honeywell selects Tofino Modbus Read-only Firewall to Secure Critical Safety Systems
Honeywell is expanding its use of Tofino technology with the release of its third Byres Security/MTL Instruments product - the Honeywell Modbus Read-only Firewall.
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Triconex/Tofino OPC firewall addresses security challenges
To create a firewall specifically for Triconex systems, Invensys teamed with Byres Security, which recently introduced the world?s first content inspection firewall for the Modbus TCP protocol as part of its Tofino product line.
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New Tofino Argon Product Series from Byres Security Inc.
With the release of the Tofino Argon Product Series, companies can select the exact mix of security features, fiber/twisted-pair network support and environmental hardening their plants need in a security solution.
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Belden releases new Hirschmann Eagle 20 Tofino Line
At the SPS/IPC/Drives Automation Exhibition/Conference, Belden will introduce the new Hirschmann Eagle 20 Tofino product line, based on the Tofino Industrial Security Solution from Byres Security Inc. Of particular note is the Modbus TCPEnforcer module, which performs detailed analysis and filtering of all Modbus TCP messages, and is the only security product certified by the Modbus Organization.
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Tofino to be Used in Honeywell OneWireless Firewall
Honeywell has selected Tofino™ technology for its OneWireless* Firewall, designed to sit between Honeywell's Experion* Process Knowledge System (PKS) control system and the OneWireless network, providing an additional layer of protection against unwanted and harmful network traffic, thereby promoting control system integrity. The OneWireless Firewall is the second network security product from Honeywell based on Tofino technology (the first being the Experion Modbus TCP Firewall).
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Tofino VPN module secures remote SCADA communication
Byres Security Inc. and MTL Instruments announce the Tofino Virtual Private Network (VPN) product line as part of the Tofino Industrial Security Solution, extending cyber security beyond plant walls. The Tofino VPN solution integrates seamlessly with the Tofino Firewall LSM and the Tofino Modbus TCP Enforcer LSM.
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Tofino Enforcer Revolutionizes Modbus TCP/IP Security
For the first time in the history of industrial automation, a security module designed specifically for managing the leading SCADA protocol, Modbus TCP, is commercially available. Byres Security Inc. and MTL Instruments, a division of Cooper Crouse-Hinds, today are introducing the Tofino? Modbus TCP Enforcer Loadable Security Module (LSM), which performs detailed analysis and filtering of all Modbus TCP messages, and is certified by Modbus-IDA.
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