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Kepware Technologies

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400 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04101 USA

Phone: +1 207-775-1660
Fax: +1 207-775-1799
Web Site:
Contact: Sales Department


Kepware is a software development business of PTC Inc. located in Portland, Maine. Established in 1995, Kepware has spent the last 20+ years building a portfolio of industrial connectivity solutions to help businesses connect diverse automation devices and software applications. The company has been recognized as an early player in the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), and serves a wide range of customers in a variety of vertical markets, including manufacturing, oil & gas, building automation, power & utilities, and more.

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Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
Modbus OPC Server Suite for KEPServerEX, EX5-MDBUS-NA00 Software - OPCModbus, Modbus TCPKepware's Modbus OPC Server Suite works in conjunction with KEPServerEX to provide OPC Data Access to Modbus compatible devices and PLCs. The intuitive user interface of KEPServerEX allows users to easily set up reliable Modbus connections. Currently, the suite includes the Modbus Ethernet, Modbus RTU Serial, Modbus RTU Server, Modbus ASCII Serial, and Modbus Plus drivers. Users can employ all of the drivers included in the suite to connect to an unlimited number of compliant devices with a single license.

News items about this company:

Kepware releases three new drivers in KEPServerEX version 5.7
The Lufkin Modbus Serial Driver communicates with Lufkin Rod Pump Controllers, Variable Speed Drives, Injection Well Controllers, and Progressive Cavity Pumps. Kepware also added the Bristol BSAP IP Driver, to communicate with ControlWave Micro Series and Network 3000 Series controllers.
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Kepware Releases KEPServerEX Version 5.6
Kepware has added three new products to its communication platform KEPServerEX which have primary relevance to the Oil & Gas and Manufacturing industries. The KEPServerEX 5.6 release also includes a new Applicom device model for the Modbus Ethernet Driver, a Ford Ethernet Protocol device model for the Torque Tool Driver, and several CTI device models for the Simatic 505 Ethernet Driver.
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Open Automation Software's Customers Choose KEPServerEX Two-to-One for Modbus Connectivity between OPCSystems.NET and SCADA Systems
Open Automation Software's customers chose to "Get Connected" with Kepware, and reported a high level of satisfaction when using the product with OPCSystems.NET. OPCSystems.NET has the built-in ability to share real-time Modbus data with databases, Microsoft Excel, OPC Clients, OPC Servers, and .NET applications.
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Kepware Releases Tunneling and Automation B2B Solution
Kepware announced release of KEPServerEX version 5.2. This release delivers new features including an OPC UA Client and Server, an Alarm and Event Condition option - expanding on previously delivered OPC AE interface, and updated Mettler Toledo and IDEC Drivers. Additional enhancements include CID (Custom Interface Driver - OPC Toolkit) sample code in C#, an updated Allen Bradley ControlLogix Driver, Mettler Toledo - scale controls, IDEC Driver, and Modbus Ethernet - Global settings changes at runtime.
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Acromag Partners with Kepware for Communications
Kepware will validate KEPServer for use with Acromag products, and will deliver these drivers to Kepware's long list of OEMs and resellers. According to Kepware's VP of Sales and Marketing "Acromag has been recommending Kepware communications for their BusWorks Modbus RTU, BusWorks Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP, and EtherStax Modbus TCP/IP Network I/O products for several years."
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Kepware Releases KEPServerEX OPC Server Version 5.1
Kepware Technologies released version 5.1 of its KEPServerEX OPC Server. New Features include an OPC-A&E Interface, new drivers for Automation Direct and Mettler Toledo, the "The OPC Server Toolkit that Isn't" - Custom Interface Driver, and enhancements to 18 other drivers, including Modbus ASCII, Modbus Ethernet, Modbus RTU, Modbus RTU.
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Moxa Partners with Kepware for Industrial SNMP
Moxa entered into a reseller agreement with Kepware for its patented iSNMP and Ping network device monitoring and management solution. Moxa will be selling the Kepware IT and Infrastructure Suite which contains SNMP, Ping, System Monitor, Modbus, U-CON and CID.
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KEPServerEX Version 5 is Released
Kepware Technologies announced KEPServerEX, version 5, now delivered in Vertical Suites, maximizing cost savings by bundling the most common protocols used in a vertical market under one cost-effective solution. The Vertical Suites are: IT and Infrastructure Suite (SNMP, Ping, System Monitor, Modbus and UCON drivers), Building Automation Suite (BACnet, Modbus, UCON drivers), Power Distribution Suite (DNP, Modbus, UCON drivers), Oil and Gas Suite (ROC, ROC Plus, Modbus and Modbus like RTU protocols, UCON drivers), and the Manufacturing Suite (a collection of over 100 protocols typically found in manufacturing environments). Protocols may still be purchased separately.
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AFCON Partners with Kepware for Device Communications
Modbus Organization member companies partner for effective device communications: Kepware Technologies was selected as the device communications provider to AFCON Software and Electronics Ltd. AFCON products address the HMI/SCADA marketplace. The company will use Kepware's drivers to expand its market.
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Kepware Releases KEPServerEX Version 4.5
Version 4.5 delivers five new drivers and enhances 39 others, including Modbus ASCII, Modbus TCP, and Modbus Serial RTU.
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Kepware Partners with ConneXSoft on Building Automation and Energy Management Communications
Kepware Technologies announced a partnership with ConneXSoft GmbH, for the purpose of developing Communications Drivers for use in the Building Automation System (BAS) and Energy Management markets. Key drivers, already available from Kepware and commonly used in BAS include BACnet, Modbus, and iSNMP.
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Kepware Releases New Version of KEPServerEX
This latest release of KEPServerEX delivers major functionality additions plus typical communication protocol enhancements. KEPServerEX now offers a Math and Logic option called Advanced Tags, which enables KEPServerEX to perform mathematic, logic, and advanced functions - Counter, Timer, Min, Max, Average and Accumulation.
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Columbia Weather Systems is "Connected with Kepware"
Kepware Technologies announced today that it was selected as the primary provider of device communications by Columbia Weather Systems, a leading manufacturer of Weather Stations for fixed mount, vehicle mount and portable applications. Their microprocessor based weather station interface (Weather MicroServer) offers data communications through both Modbus and SNMP protocols enabling integration with automation systems.
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DGH is "Connected with Kepware"
Kepware Technologies announced today that it was selected as the primary provider of device communications by DGH Corporation. DGH offers a complete family of data acquisition products that provide analog and digital inputs and outputs for computer and networked applications. DGH data acquisition products communicate via RS232 and RS485 using Modbus RTU protocol. DGH has has selected Kepware's KEPServerEX as its preferred Modbus connectivity solution.
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Kepware's KEPServerEX Passes New OPC Certification
Kepware Technologies' KEPServerEX communications solution has passed the latest OPC certifications tests administered by the OPC Foundation. In February 2008, the OPC Foundation introduced a new level of compliance testing. Kepware submitted its current product for testing and won certification without alteration. Modbus and Siemens protocols were evaluated as part of KEPServerEX compliance testing.
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Kepware Introduces New Versions of iSNMP and KEPServerEX
Kepware Technologies released updates to two key products, the iSNMP network monitoring and management solution and KEPServerEX, its flagship product for device communications. In addition to new functionality, this release of KEPServerEX includes enhancements to over 45 Drivers including those for Modbus.
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Kepware Releases 4 New Communication Drivers and Enhances 24 Existing Communication Drivers and Components
KEPServerEX now includes new communications drivers delivering support for WeatherBug for Automation, Fisher ROC and Fisher ROC Plus protocols, and a Memory Based driver for simulations.
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