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Open Control Solutions

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605 North John Rodes Blvd
Melbourne, FL 32934 USA

Phone: +1 321-435-5010
Fax: +1 321-259-4006
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Open Control Solutions (OCS) is a division of Data Flow Systems, Inc., the manufacturer and turn-key supplier of the TAC II SCADA System since 1981. Open Control Solutions was formed to supply open-architecture products to industries such as petroleum, power generation, fluid transmission, food and beverage, and compressed gases. The company's PLCs are easily programmed and installed by the end user. The RIO128 offers 40 digital inputs, 40 digital outputs, 40 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs all on one compact rail-mounted board. The TCU (T2000) is an ideal constant-speed controller. The use of a T2000 eliminates most of the components found in a control panel. All previously mentioned products include a Modbus interface.


Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
RAIL Network Adapter, RNA110Network GatewayModbus TCPThe RAIL Network Adapter is a DIN-rail mounted serial-to-network converter. The RNA110 allows an RS-232 device to communicate over Ethernet TCP/IP. The RNA110 features a male RS-232 serial interface that enables 1200-38400 baud communications via Modbus TCP protocol.
Hyper SCADA ServerSCADA HardwareModbusHyper SCADA Server is a self-contained data collection and information server housed in a lockable wallmounted enclosure Using Client-Server Architecture, the Human Machine Interface (HMI) is a typical Client Desktop PC connected to the Hyper SCADA Server using any one of the multiple connectivity options. The Hyper SCADA Server couples the power of networking with the stability and versatility of the Linux Operating System and MySQL to offer a SCADA System Server that is secure, fast and reliable.
RDP180 PLCControllerModbus, Modbus TCPThe RDP180 is an ?open architecture? rail-mounted PLC equipped with an ARM processor. The RDP180 supports Modbus ASCII, RTU and TCP protocols. The RDP180 features limited onboard I/O for smaller applications. For larger applications, the RDP180 can be used in conjunction with an I/O device, such as the RIO128/RIO032, to provide distributed process automation over wide-area Wireless and Ethernet networks.
RIO128 I/O DeviceI/O ModuleModbus, Modbus TCPThe RIO128 is a unique ?open architecture? high density railmounted I/O device. The RIO128 supports Modbus ASCII, RTU and TCP protocols. This device is used for local and remote monitoring and control over wide-area Radio and Ethernet networks.
RIO32 I/O DeviceI/O ModuleModbus, Modbus TCPThe RIO32 is a an ?open architecture? high-density railmounted I/O device. The RIO32 supports Modbus ASCII, RTU and TCP protocols. This device is used for local and remote monitoring and control over wide-area Radio and Ethernet networks.
Pump Control Device (T2000)ControllerModbus ASCIIThe Total Control Unit (T2000) is a constant-speed pump controller for Lift Station and Tank with Well Pump applications.