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B&B Electronics Mfg. Co.

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707 Dayton Road, P.O. Box 1040
Ottawa, IL 61350 USA

Phone: (815) 433-5100
Fax: (815) 433-5109
Web Site:


B&B Electronics Manufacturing Company designs and manufactures data communications products for commercial and industrial applications. The company sells throughout the world with primary markets being North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
Zlinx Xtreme Radio ModemModemModbusLicense-free wireless radio modems and I/O
Ilinx™ Optically Isolated ConvertersNetwork GatewayModbus Family of industrial grade converters and repeaters with 3-way optical isolation for rugged applications. Data ports are isolated from each other. Power supply is fully isolated with operation from 10V to 48V.
Vlinx MESR400 SeriesNetwork GatewayModbus, Modbus TCPIndustrial Modbus Ethernet to Serial Gateways
Zlinx Radio ModemModemModbusIndustrial-grade Radio Modem
Model FOSTCDRNetwork GatewayModbus ASCII, Modbus RTUThe FOSTCDR provides connection between any asynchronous full or halfduplex serial equipment using dual multi-mode fiber optic cable. The converter can also be set up in a multidrop mode to allow one serial device to communicate with multiple devices around a fiber ring.
Modbus TCP to Modbus Converters, MES1A and MES1BNetwork GatewayModbus, Modbus TCP/IPMES1A and MES1B Modbus TCP to Modbus ASCII/RTU converters connect new and existing Modbus ASCII/RTU serial devices to TCP/IP networks. The MES1A provides this connection for Modbus devices with RS-232 interfaces; the MES1B facilitates Modbus devices with RS-422 four-wire point-to-point interfaces, or RS-485 four or two-wire multi-drop bus connections.