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JVL Industri Elektronik A/S

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Blokken 42
Birkerød , DK-3460 DENMARK

Phone: +45 4582 4440
Fax: +45 4582 5550
Web Site:


JVL develops and produces electronic controls for stepper and servo motors. The company offers a wide selection of quality products for motion control, including Integrated AC-Servo motors; Integrated Stepper motors: AC-Servo motor controllers; DC-Servo motor controllers; Motor drivers, Step-, AC- and DC: Keyboard/Display-, Input/Output- and Counter Modules

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Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
Servo Motor MAC 141AC/DC Drive ControlModbus TCPThese stainless steel motors are designed to handle IP67 and withstand high pressure wash down conditions. JVL stainless steel servo motors are designed to be a durable solution for long time operation. The concept is based on a totally sealed stainless steel tube with front flange and rear cover also in stainless steel. It can be delivered with a built-in planetary gear box in ratios from 3:1 to 216:1.

News items about this company:

Integrated Servo Motors in Stainless Steel IP67
JVL offers its servo motor MAC 141 in a totally stainless steel version for the food and medical industry.
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Profinet for JVL integrated servo motors
Last year JVL introduced EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP modules, and earlier this year Ethernet POWERLINK became available. With SERCOS III and MODBUS TCP are under development, all important Industrial Ethernet protocols will soon be available.
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JVL introduces two new process control expansion modules for the MAC400 & MAC3000
The expansion modules are aimed at process control applications with 4-20 mA analog control signals. The interface consists of a 4-20 mA (12 bit) input for controlling the motor position and a 4-20 mA (12 bit) feed-back output that indicates the actual position.
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JVL adds expansion module for its medium and high power MAC motors
To supplement already existing modules for CANopen, Profibus, Devicenet, NanoPLC, BlueTooth and WLAN JVL is adding a new series of Industrial Ethernet modules starting with EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP, and later ProfiNet, Modbus TCP, Powerlink or Sercos III will be announced.
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World's Most Compact Integrated Nema34 Stepper Motors
JVL launches a new integrated stepper motor with Modbus RTU and CANopen serial interface and programmable motion controller. All the necessary electronics in a stepper system are integrated in the motor itself.
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High-speed Modbus added to JVL integrated servo motors
JVL Industri Elektronik A/S, a world leader in integrated servo and stepper motors, now offers a new feature: The latest firmware for the integrated servo motors MAC400 and MAC800 now supports the Modbus RTU protocol.
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