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Westermo Data Communications Ltd

Member: No


Talisman Business Centre, Duncan Road
Park Gate, Southampton SO31 7GA UNITED KINGDOM

Phone: +44 (0)1489 580585
Fax: +44 (0)1489 580586
Web Site:


Westermo is a supplier of industrial data communications products. The company manufacturew a wide range of industrial GSM, GPRS, PSTN and ISDN modems as well as fiber-optic modems and RS-422/485 products.


Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
DDW-120 Ethernet ExtenderMisc. HardwareModbus TCPSolution for extending an Ethernet network over copper cables. At shorter ranges the data rate will be as high as 15.3 Mbps in both directions. The SHDSL transmission technology used suggests transmission distances of up to 10 km at lower data rates, depending on the quality of the cables; much greater distances have been achieved.