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ControlByWeb (Xytronix Research and Design, Inc.)

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1681 West 2960 South
Nibley, UT 84321 USA

Phone: +1 435-750-5999
Web Site:


ControlByWeb producst provide a way to monitor and control devices over a network. The company's products can be integrated into SCADA and industrial automation systems using Modbus TCP, or can be used as single, stand-alone devices right out of the box. ControlByWeb products range from one single controllable relay, to products that can control multiple relays, monitor temperature, send email alerts, and more. ControlByWeb designs, engineers and produces all of its products in-house.


Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
WebRelay-Dual, X-301-24II/O ModuleModbus TCPWebRelay-Dual is an Ethernet-based, high-performance, mini I/O module that has two electro-mechanical relays, two optically-isolated inputs, nonvolatile memory for logging, and a real-time clock for full-calender scheduling. Users can manually operate the device, or configure it to automatically turn relays on/off at preset times.
X-300-II/O ModuleModbus TCPThe X-300 is a powerful web-based instrument for remote temperature measurement, logging, and alarming. In addition, the X-300 can function as a full-featured 7-day programmable thermostat for single stage HVAC systems.
WebRelay-Quad, X-WR-4R1-II/O ModuleModbus TCPWebRelay-Quad is a compact four-relay module with a built-in web server. It can be controlled and/or monitored over any IP network including private networks, IP-based industrial control networks, and the Internet. Users can also use a custom application to control and monitor the device. WebRelay-Quad has four low-signal relays that can individually switch up to 1 Amp at 28V.
WebRelay, X-WR-1R12-1I24-II/O ModuleModbus TCPWebRelay is an electro-mechanical relay with a built-in web server. It can be controlled and/or monitored over any IP network. Users can also operate WebRelay? without user intervention. WebRelay? also can be operated by using the optically isolated input. The input can be configured to turn the relay on/off, pulse the relay, toggle the relay, latch the relay, etc. The input can also be used to control a relay at a remote location or simply monitor the status of a digital signal.
Temperature Module X-DAQ-2R1-4T-II/O ModuleModbus TCPThe DAQ Series Temperature Module can be used to monitor temperatures within the range of -55C to +125C. It can monitor up to four different temperature sensors. It also is equipped with two electro-mechanical relays that can be triggered using a temperature value, controlled independent of temperature and independent of each other.
DAQ Series Five Input ModuleI/O ModuleModbus TCPThe DAQ Series Five Input Module comes equipped with five opticallyisolated, digital inputs. Each input can be used to monitor the state of a digital signal. The inputs can be used to trigger email alerts based on a single change of state or after a number of state changes. The inputs can also be used as counters, or to control the relay contacts of other ControlByWeb? products that are located in remote locations.
X-DAQ-8A5-II/O ModuleModbus TCPThe X-DAQ-8A5-I Analog Module is an industrial-grade, Ethernet data acquisition module with eight analog inputs. Users can view the value of the analog inputs using a web browser or a custom application. The Analog Module can be set up to accept either eight single-ended analog signals, four differential analog signals, or a combination of single ended and differential inputs.