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CyberLogic Technologies, Inc.

Member: No


5480 Corporate Drive, Suite 220
Troy, MI 48098 USA

Phone: 248 631 2200
Fax: 248 631 2210
Web Site:


Cyberlogic provides Windows device drivers, OPC servers, and bridge applications for Modbus, Modbus Plus, and Modbus Ethernet networks. Much of Cyberlogic's technology has been licensed for redistribution by Schneider Automation.


Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
MBX FamilySoftware - Device DriverModbus, Modbus TCP/IPThe MBX Family of products provides connectivity to devices on Modicon-based networks. Modbus, Modbus Plus, and Modbus TCP/IP are all supported. Applications can interface with plant-floor devices using a variety of communication layers, such as OPC, Modicon?s NETLIB, and the high performance MBX API. With the MBX Family of products, even DOS and 16-bit Windows software (e.g, Modsoft, Concept) can be used with the latest versions of Windows.