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Virtual Extension

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5 Menachem Begin Blvd
Beit Dagan 50200, ISRAEL

Phone: +972-3-732-1207
Fax: +972-3-573-1629
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Founded in 2000, Virtual Extension specializes in high-performance wireless control networks for the industrial market using an IoT technology which has been recognized as normative in IEC62386 standard for Wireless DALI and operates in the robust sub-1GHz ISM frequency range. Virtual Extension products focus on wireless lighting control, mainly in street, professional, and industrial DALI lighting, as well as in smart Modbus-based and other metering smart city controls. The VEmesh lines of products have been devised to fulfill the industry need for wireless and IoT networks with highest performance in terms of robustness, resiliency, range and power consumption.


Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
VEmesh E2D Modbus Gateway for IoT smart lightingMisc. HardwareModbus RTUVEmesh E2D Modbus Gateway enables to control and monitor an IoT smart lighting system by using a Modbus supervision and monitoring system over Internet. This product targets the users of Modbus systems who wish to control modern, IoT type of Smart Light networks with DALI luminaires and sensors.
VEmesh E2D Modbus Bridge to wireless DALI smart lightingMisc. HardwareModbus RTUVEmesh Modbus Bridges help to measure the energy consumption of DALI luminaires in smart lighting wireless networks, using Modbus electrical meters. The communication uses the VEmesh wireless mesh technology, which is normative in IEC 62386-104 Wireless DALI standard. The VEmesh E2D are high-performance smart lighting networks that are cloud managed and capable to connect up to 16,000 devices (such as DALI luminaires and Modbus sensors) per network and up to 256 networks per system.
VEmesh Wireless Mesh NetworkModemModbusVEmesh is a wireless mesh network that connects Modbus devices and serves as a transparent wireless cable replacement. Operating in the ISM frequency ranges and based on synchronized flooding technology, VEmesh provides highly reliable and cost effective bi-directional wireless communication. The network's design incorporates a built-in secured message delivery, eliminating the need for routing, configuration and healing processes, to create a modular solution with no practical limitation to the number of nodes and to the coverage area.