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Bentek Systems Ltd.

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#315 - 3750 46th Ave. SE
Calgary, Alberta T2B 0L1 CANADA

Phone: +1 403-243-5135
Fax: +1 403-243-5165
Web Site:


Bentek Systems is dedicated to the design and manufacture of innovative Industrial Wireless SCADA and Telemetry Solutions. From its facility in Calgary, Alberta, the company provides products and services to many industries including Oil and Gas, Pipelines, Water Systems, Mining and Manufacturing, offering complete solutions to customers world-wide since 1988.


Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
SCADALink IP100Network GatewayModbus, Modbus TCPThe SCADALink IP100 enables IP access to serially connected devices such as PLCs, RTUs, SCADA hosts, Flow Computers, Data Loggers and Radio Modem systems. The IP100 is a Serial-to-Ethernet Gateway, Multiport Industrial Terminal Server and Modbus Multiplexer designed for SCADA and automation applications requiring serial connectivity of LAN/WAN and Internet Networks. Unique features such as multiple host connections and simultaneous TCP, UDP and Modbus TCP ports give it flexibility and scalability in automation and SCADA applications. A built-in Monitor tool enables serial communications diagnostics by providing users with real-time protocol analysis capabilities on selected serial channels.
SMX-900ModemModbusThe SMX-900 is a compact, rail-mounted, license-free radiomodem/RTU operating in the 902-928Mhz ISM band. With expandable Modbus and Allen Bradley DF1 addressable I/O modules, built-in RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 and support for up to 254 Servers, the user can easily set up complex point-multipoint SCADA communication systems. Each site consists of a transceiver unit along with a maximum of 8 I/O expansion modules.