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33 rue Paul Gauguin
Toulouse, 31100 FRANCE

Phone: +33 561 151 845
Fax: +33 561 151 644
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Founded in 1993, NEWRON SYSTEM is an independent system provider offering solutions to connect any hardware of any manufacturer on any open protocol to any software, program, SCADA, ERP, etc. The company specializes in open standards such as LonWorks, KNX, BACnet, M-Bus, Modbus, OPC, and oBIX.


Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
doMoov Gateway, DG4MPNetwork GatewayModbusDG4MP is a software gateway that connects networks from different BMS protocols. It is possible to define gateways between BACnet objects, LonWorks network variables, KNX group addresses, Modbus coils and registers, M-Bus values and OPC tags (depending on the chosen reference). There is no license limitation in the number of gateways you can create.
doGateNetwork GatewayModbusdoGate is an IP device that can communicate on several open standard protocols (LonWorks, BACnet, KNX, Modbus, M-Bus). With its simple and straightforward configuration and maintenance tool, users can easily configure their SCADA interface (BACnet or OPC), schedulers, gateways, trends and alarms.