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Holscher + Leuschner GmbH

Member: No


Siemensstrasse 15
Emsburen, 48488 GERMANY

Phone: +49 05903 9396-0
Fax: +49 05903 7273
Web Site:


Electronic equipment for the climate and feeding technology, computer control, programming and evaluation for livestock farms.


Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
I/O ModuleModbus TCPThe L167 provides 16 discrete optically isolated inputs and 24 discrete optically isolated open emitter outputs. They are grouped in eight-bit segments, so the L167 provides five available connectors. It is powered with separate 5 VDC (connection via 3pin terminal block) and designed for the placement on a DIN rail. A separate 24 VDC source is required for driving outputs and inputs.