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15B Charron Avenue
Nashua, NH 03063 USA

Phone: +1 603-577-3803
Fax: +1 603-577-3855
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Semaphore is a SCADA system and advanced telemetry solutions provider. They offer simple, powerful telemetry technology that leverage easy-to-use Web technologies and inexpensive public networks.


Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
Semaphore G3 Remote I/O ModuleI/O ModuleModbus RTUThe Semaphore G3 Remote I/O Module enables remote monitoring and control in a broad range of applications. It can be operated as remote I/O or in a back-to-back mode. Remote I/O modes support Modbus and Kingfisher protocols, which readily drop into practically all SCADA systems. In back-to-back mode, two G3 Modules make up a system that operates as a wire replacement, which is ideal for secure I/O transfer in any application. Since it supports Modbus RTU server, the G3 can readily be added to a broad array of existing PLCs, RTUs, and SCADA HMIs using RS-232 or RS-485, or wireless with the proven Maxstream spread spectrum radio.