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Microflex, LLC

Member: Yes


35900 Royal Road
Pattison, TX 77423 USA

Phone: +1 281-855-9639
Fax: +1 832-422-4391
Web Site:


Based in Pattison, Texas, Microflex designs, manufactures, and markets HART® Protocol Modems, RS-485 Converters, Field Tools Test Equipment, Gas Sampling Equipment, and Gas Meter Volume Pulsers.

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News items about this company:

Microflex Introduces New Smart LED Process Bar Display
The new signal towers are a low-cost, easy-to-use alternative to magnetic level indicators. Microflex's electronic bar displays use multicolor LEDs to provide a highly configurable gauge that can be used to visualize almost any process data value.
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Microflex, LLC white paper explains how to use Modbus with its HART modems.
The MicroLink-HM HART modem can be used to calibrate and configure your HART devices, AND also store HART data, retreivable via Modbus-RTU commands.
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Microflex, LLC Releases HART Modem with Modbus-RTU
Recognizing the limitation of single-purpose converters, Microflex designed the MicroLink-HM - a modem which not only stores data retrievable via Modbus commands, it is also a complete HART device interface.
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