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AMASS Data Technologies Inc.

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812 Proctor Avenue
Ogdensburg,, NY 13669 USA

Phone: +1 819-827-0077
Fax: +1 819-827-4305
Web Site:


AMASS Data Technologies Inc is a company that designs, develops and manufactures microprocessor-based distributed control modules for the industrial control marketplace and data acquisition systems and related sensors for the environment.


Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
Analog to Digital Conversion Module, PAIMI/O ModuleModbusThe AMASSER PAIM is an 8-channel analog input module in the form of a standalone SDI-12 device providing A/D conversion (16-bit resolution) as well as excitation ports. It also includes 3 channels for period measurements and 3 for frequency measurements. The PAIM provides an interface for SDI-12 loggers that are to be connected to various non-SDI-12 sensors, such as for weather monitoring. This A/D converter is a standard feature on our PDAS-II data loggers.
PSE/RTU Shaft EncoderSensorModbusPSE optical shaft encoders are intelligent sensors providing data through a communications port (SDI-12, Modbus RTU, ...) in engineering units using user-programmable OFFSET and SCALE (units per revolution) settings. Hardware includes a +10.5 to14V input for external battery, charger or solar panel and a 9 V alkaline battery to provide a total of approximately 240 hours of backup in the event of power supply interruption. The shaft is mounted on precision, zero-resistance bearings and is compatible to our pulleys.
Embedded Control Digital I/O ModuleI/O ModuleModbusThe ECDIO Digital I/O Module is a compact DIN-Rail mountable, full-function, digital I/O subsystem that is compatible with the following RS485 multi-drop networking protocols: AMASS Data?s ECN, SDI-12/RS485 and Modbus RTU. The ECDIO provides firmware-based intelligent digital I/O functions for its 24 I/O lines and uses the ECN, which supports up to 32 modules over a distance of 4000 feet on single or dual twisted pair cable.