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QuickSilver Controls Inc.

Member: No


990 N Amelia Ave
San Dimas, CA 91773 USA

Phone: +1 909-599-6291
Fax: +1 909-599-6289
Web Site:


QuickSilver Controls, Inc. manufactures high-performance motion control products for use in the Original Equipment Manufacturer market.


Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
SilverDust D2 IG8 Servo ControllerAC/DC Drive ControlModbus, Modbus TCPSilverDust IG8 servo motor controller is designed to allow many controllers to stack on a single DIN rail. With 8 24V I/O (expandable to 15), the IG8 handles most single axis applications. Multiple IG8 controllers can share their I/O and registers with each other creating a peer-to-peer network, or with a single client to create a client/server network.
SilverNuggetAC/DC Drive ControlModbusServo controller/driver for NEMA 17 & 23 frame microstep motors.