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Daniel Measurement and Control

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11100 Brittmoore Park Drive
Houston, TX 77041 USA

Phone: +1 713-467-6000
Fax: +1 713-827-3880
Web Site:


Daniel Measurement and Control designs and manufactures gas and liquid fiscal flow measurement products, services and systems to the oil and gas industry. Daniel is part of the Emerson Process Management group of companies.


Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
Model 3804 Liquid Ultrasonic Flow MeterSensorModbusThe Daniel Model 3804 Ultrasonic Flow Meter is the first in the Daniel Series 3800 family of liquid meters. The Daniel Model 3804 is a four-path, in-line ultrasonic meter that measures transit times of ultrasonic pulses passing through the liquid on four parallel planes. Each path has two integrally mounted ultrasonic transducers. The pair of transducers act alternately as transmitter and receiver. The difference in transit times of the downstream-directed pulses and the upstream-directed pulses is directly proportional to the measured fluid velocity. With no moving parts, the meter is ideal for bi-directional measurement as it provides accurate measurement of both upstream and downstream transit times.