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Type:  Controller
Description:  The ecos 5 system family comprises a range of devices for room automation for the BACnet/IP system bus. The ecos504/505 room automation station (AS) is a modular, freely programmable BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) for the automation of up to eight rooms or flexible room segments with the functions room climate, lighting and sunshading. The ecos504/505 as BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) can also be used as an individual AS for other functions in building automation (ventilation system unit, decentral data preparation for devices on a BACnet MS/TP line, central control of multiple VAV boxes etc.). The powerful programming environment, SAUTER CASE Suite, and the available function libraries allow both standard tasks of room automation and complex projects with flexible room division, based on room segments, to be carried out efficiently. Room operating units of the ecoUnit series, remote ecoLink I/O modules and two EnOcean ecoMod580 wireless interfaces are connected to the ecos504/505 via RS-485 interfaces. A half-duplex, 2-wire, electrically isolated RS-485 interface (variant F0C1) with the Modbus protocol as client (Modbus/RTU and Modbus/ASCII) enables the integration of up to 247 Modbus devices (Modbus servers) such as multi-sensors, room operating units, energy meters (electricity, heat), intelligent actuators, communicative controllers etc.
Connectivity:  Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII
Features:  Part of the SAUTER modulo 5 system family; Modular room automation station (AS) for up to eight rooms or eight flexible room segments; BACnet/IP communication (EN ISO 16484-5) as BACnet Building Controller (B-BC); The ecoUnit 3 (EY-RU 3**) and ecoUnit 1 (EY-RU 1**) room operating units enable individual adjustment of the room climate; Optimises energy consumption thanks to presence function, window contact monitoring, demandcontrolled ventilation, control of lighting and window blinds, and time-dependent setpoint specification; Function libraries for climate, lighting and sunshading; Expansion bus for remote ecoLink modules, ecoUnit room operating units and EnOcean wireless interface; KNX interface to connect KNX operating devices, sensors and actuators; Integrated KNX tunnelling function (KNX/IP) for the commissioning of KNX with ETS; DALI interface with DALI bus power supply for the connection of DALI electronic ballasts (EB) and DALI sensors; Web-based commissioning tool for DALI network; SMI interface (SMI/SMI LoVo) for activating SMI motors for sunshading (window blinds, roller shutters); Integrated tunnelling function for commissioning with SMI-easyMonitor; RS-485 half duplex, electrically isolated interface for Modbus/RTU, Modbus/ASCII; Baud rate 600 to 115,200 bit/s with configurable RS-485 network resistors; Modbus master with up to four Modbus communication profiles; Integrated tunnelling function for commissioning and monitoring with serial Modbus master tools; Time programme and calendar function, data recording; Integrated moduWeb web server (only EY-RC504F101); Engineering/programming using SAUTER CASE Suite (based on IEC 61131-3); Integration into the building management system via BACnet/IP with Ethernet interface
Specifications:  RS-485 (COM module): Communication protocol Modbus/RTU and Modbus/ASCII, Master as per V1.02, 2-wire (2W); Bus physics: 1 unit load (unit load = UL), electrically isolated, integrated RS-485 network resistors (LT, PU, PD) configurable via software; Bus speed 600...115,200 bit/s, Parity bit, stop bit, Rx/Tx bus timing; Connection Pluggable spring-type terminals 2 5-pin, 0.2...1.5 mm2 rigid/flexible Cable, 3-/4-wire (D+/D-/COM reference), twisted, shielded, up to 1000 m; Use Integration of Modbus slaves in an RS-485 segment (line); Participant Up to 31 RS-485 unit loads (UL); Functions: 600 Modbus channels for BACnet I/O/V objects for up to 247 Modbus devices; FC01-06, 15, 16, 22, unicast and broadcast, access optimisation