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FreeWave Technologies, Inc.

FGR2-IOS Industrial 900 MHz Radio

Type:  Modem
Description:  The FRG2-IOS provides long-range, remote control and monitoring of tanks, lifting stations, pumps, flow meters, fluid levels, water sources, temperatures and pressures typical of the water/wastewater and oil and gas industries.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Can deliver data from remote analog and digital sensors over a wireless link to a remote terminal unit (RTU) or PLC.
Specifications:  Frequency Range 902-928 MHz (FHSS) Sensitivity -108 dBm for BER 10-6,-110 dBm for BER 10-4; Output Power 1 Watt Selectivity 20 dB at fc +/- 115 kHz; 60 dB at fc +/- 145 kHz; Range - Line of Sight (LOS) 60 miles with clear LOS System Gain 140 dB; Modulation 2 level GFSK, 115.2 Kbps; Occupied Bandwidth 230 kHz Error Detection 32 bit CRC, retransmit on error